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Warts are good-quality новоутворення leather {skin}. It appears not from frogs as many think. Diseaseis caused by virus Tumefaciens verrucarum. So occurrence of a wart speaks that the infection has lodged in an organism папіломавірусна. A source of infection – the person. Disease can be transferred both at direct contact, and through general purpose subjects. Детальніше …

Versions it happens a little. Warts – dense painless are simple, colors of a normal leather {skin} or can be as сірувато-brown вузликів округлої forms with a rough surface. The favourite location – the back party {} side of brushes and fingers of hands, can be as on the person, волосистої parts of a head. Детальніше …

Підошовні warts as follows from the name, – appear on підошовної parts stops. They will consist of bunches {beams} threadlike сосочків, on a kind reminds a callous. Very much frequently development of disease is promoted by the deformation stops connected with плоскостопістю. Детальніше …

Flat (youthful) warts – fine (0,5-3 mm) вузлики colors of a normal leather {skin} or yellowish. Have округлу the form with a smooth surface is more often. Above a level of a leather {skin} act hardly. Settle down, as well as simple – on a back surface of a brush and on the person. Be $ more often at teenagers. Детальніше …

There is a weight of methods of treatment of a wart. By the way, it is one of diagnoses when the official medicine recognizes treatment by national methods. From national methods of treatment the most effective are juice of a dandelion or чистотілу. However such treatment will demand serious patience as for achievement of result it is necessary to grease warts with juice of these plants till 30-50 once a day.

In official medicine the following kinds of treatment are applied: 1. Electrocoagulation.2. Діатермокоагуляція3. Кріодеструкція liquid nitrogen, a firm coal acid4. At підошовних warts – обколювання новокаїном, surgical висічення, електрофорез as with новокаіном.5. At flat warts – greasings (3-7 times) fresh juice чистотілу, vitamin В12 as injections, УФО.6. One of the newest and effective methods – removal {distance} of warts with the help of the laser.

If at what or treatment of a wart do not pass and continue to disturb, – there are no reasons to panic. It can mean only one – a number {line} is a source of infection. It can be and a member of your family as you can bring warts from such places as a bath, pool, a training hall. Repeated infection as can be connected with low противірусною immunity. In this case consultation of the immunologist and correction of the immune status is required.

To not admit {allow} distribution of a virus infection on healthy sites of a leather {skin} it is possible to use противірусний aerosol "Епіген". To render it {him} it is necessary on already available warts.

Preventive maintenance. Preventive measures is a care. Use only personal means of hygiene in general purpose places. Support the immunity. And if you have noticed a wart at the person with whom close communicated – look after the leather {skin} about one month. In case of infection – the wart will act in 3-4 weeks. And in this case – do not tighten {} delay treatment to not become similar to a frog.


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